Tuesday, 25 August 2015

August Hui

To begin this months meeting Mrs Meyer shared her science learning journey. Thanks Mrs Meyer for all your hard work, your passion is infectious and we look forward to the science curriculum growing within the school.

Next Shane presented some student data - our targeted groups. It was awesome to see the huge improvement by some of our students. Great work kids keep it up, go harder get higher! Remember parents and whanau your involvement in your child’s learning will make the difference.

The Board accepted an offer by the Unstoppables TPPS Te Ao Maori group. This is a group of students offered to teach the Board Maori tikanga and culture. We asked if they could first teach us about interactions and protocols when meeting people and holding meetings. We also asked if they would be interested in designing a school waiata. Watch this space!

Discussion was held about the recent conference we attended. The Board Members attended the annual NZ School Trustees Association Conference in Auckland over the school holidays. At this conference each Board member attended at least six workshops including topics like Student Achievement, Vulnerable Children, culturally responsive to Whanau, students and community, succession planning, property, the list goes on. We discussed the learning by each member, there was awesome feedback and a big TO DO list as a result.

We monitored finance, we received inwards correspondence and completed all the other essential meeting tasks then finished for the night.

Our next meeting is scheduled to be held on the 7th September 2015 at TPPS.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

BOT blog  May 2015

This is some of the things the Board of Trustees discussed in our May meeting

The board would like to welcome Erin Burningham to TPPS as the new roll growth teacher in the Base.  We are sure she will love it here as the kids will love her.
It was also decided that the BOT would fund an extra teacher aide for the base to help our Curious Kiwis develop,

speaking of which…

Student Achievement...
We looked over the student data for the Curious Kiwis, where they are at, groups to be focused on, and strategies to improve our smallest achiever’s at school and at home.

Health and Safety
A few more jobs checked off the list by Mr. Williams - well done sir. We also discussed putting up some no smoking signs around the pickup bay as some parents were seen smoking in their cars and as this  is still on school property it is not allowed.

We looked at redesigned rough plans for the new class rooms, looking good, watch this space….

Other stuff
We also had to do stuff like finances, Nags and policies, insurance, correspondence and lots of other
fun BOT type paper work.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact your BOT members

Monday, 27 April 2015

7th April Meeting 2015

It has been a while since the last update so a few things to cover off!
Our staff and achievers have had a great first term, and are back invigorated for Term 2.

Health and Safety
Our Health and Safety committee has carried out their annual school checks, and have picked up a couple of issues to be fixed. The most important issue raised is that of our drop off bay, and school parking. Your school Board and staff are focussed on keeping all of our achievers safe, as well as parents and caregivers when they are onsite.
You will notice some changes in this area, and children will be trained in how to best use the drop off bay. Please follow the instructions from our ambassadors, as well as that of the signage in this area so we can keep everyone safe.

A continued focus on improving attendance has resulted in a great outcome with over 80 of our 300+ achievers being present all day of every day of Term 1. There is a direct relationship between attendance and achievement, so do what you can to keep your child coming to school! The BOT target is to finish the year with an overall attendance of 94%.

Roll Growth
Our fantastic school continues to grow with more achievers joining us as the year progresses. Our continued growth requires more classrooms, and management and the BOT continue to work toward this. Design and pricing of the new build of our roll growth classrooms are being finalised, and the Board is focussing on delivering a space designed as a collaborative learning space suitable for teaching and learning in 2014 and beyond.

Achievement of our students is the primary focus of the BOT. To this end we track the achievement of all of our classes via reporting by school teachers and management on pupils' assessment against national standards. This information is readily available for your child from the end of term student led conference. Measurement is vital to understand where our school is tracking in its delivery and success of the curriculum. All parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend these conferences as they are a great way to be kept up to date as to how your child's learning is progressing.

BOT - other stuff
The Board also is working behind the scenes to make sure that the governance of your school is current and directed in the right areas for the best outcome for our children. This involves a range of reviews of our school charter, review of policy documents such as; finance, planning etc. These policies are the guiding rules behind how the school operates.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your school BOT members.

Friday, 21 November 2014

November Hui

We held our monthly meeting on the 3rd of November 2014.

Firstly this was the last Board meeting for Karen Heads. She has decided to step down after a full term on our Board.

Thank you Karen, you have been a valuable member of our Board. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into our Board and you will be missed. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

Thanks to all parents and caregivers who completed the survey that was distributed. This was a time for you to have your say, so thank you. We as a Board need and value your opinions. There are decisions we have to make and the opinion of the parents/caregivers is very important and taken into consideration. The information from the Survey will be fully reviewed and discussed at the next meeting in December.

It was great to hear how our Pasifika Dance group are going from strength to strength. Their performance and the Spring Extravaganza sounded like an amazing performance. Well done Achievers!

After some discussion with the Ministry of Education they have agreed we need some new classrooms at our school. We will begin the build hopefully in 2015 with 3 new classrooms to be built. More on this as more information is presented to the Board. Thanks Shane for all your hard work around this!

Our A block, Rooms 3, 4 and 5 are about to change. The go ahead has been given to book the builders in the knock down of the walls between the class rooms to open up the learning environment. This is planned during the Xmas Holidays - new classrooms ready for 2015!

Then there is our Outdoor Stage! Building has been completed and provided no major problems are discovered with the shade sails, it will be up and running for our Xmas in the Park! We can really see this getting used a lot and can’t wait to see our students perform!

Remember to look at our Parent Calendar (on the web or paper version which was sent home with students early in this term). Book in dates that are important to you and your children like Prizegiving, Celebration of Learning Day and Christmas in the Park. Come along, relax and celebrate our students and their achievements for 2014.

We have one more meeting for the year scheduled on the 1st of December 2014. Take care out there the busy season is upon us.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Melbourne Update to the Board of Trustees

In the last school holidays, the Board of Trustees sent 9 of our teaching staff to Melbourne on a trip to explore 3 schools.  The aim was to get a snapshot of the different teaching styles, learning environments, and how they implement these styles into their everyday teaching and learning.  The school sizes varied from 320 to 1020 students, and were in different socio-economic communities.  

It was enlightening to see the positives out of the trip, and the proposal of implementing some of the ideas seen or experienced within these schools into Te Puke Primary School.  I felt very excited to see the enthusiasm from all the staff when presenting their findings to the BOT, and the future changes that will be gradually seen throughout the school and in our community.

Some things we are looking at this term are:

- Schoolwide exercise, prior to start of school.  This will be taken by our wonderful BOT representative George Pepperell.  This is to enable students to feel energized, happy, and ready for an exciting day of learning.
- Music playing throughout the school prior to school starting.
- Discovery Time
- Plans for a school chicken coop

Thank you to the teaching staff who went to Melbourne for their presentation and feedback.  I am excited as both a parent and BOT representative, to be part of the positive future of our school and the wider Te Puke Community.
Loni Wills

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

September Hui

After a few reschedules we finally held our September BOT meeting and it was worth the wait...

We started with the National Accreditation Guidelines then on to the really fun stuff!

Health and Safety Walk -
Putting our health and safety hats on in September we walked the school identifying hazards and areas for improvement to keep our students safe. Students were noted ridi

ng their scooters and bikes around school grounds - lots of fun but not a safe option for our smallest achievers at risk of being run down by an enthusiastic classmate. We ask that all bikes and scooters be pushed/walked from the gate when entering school grounds.

Community Centre Update -
Huge thanks you to Mr Cunliffe who burnt the midnight oil to ensure our application for TECT funding was submitted on time - fingers crossed!

Melbourne Research Trip -
A group of dedicated teachers are off across the ditch to Melbourne during the holidays to observe and learn about the benefits of collaborative learning. We look forward to hearing all about how Te Puke Primary can take their learnings and implement changes to benefit our school.

Mid Term Election -
Voting information will be sent out soon for some of our BOT members facing re-election - we value your feedback so please take the time to vote.

Monday, 11 August 2014

August Meeting

We had a busy meeting on Monday, here’s a few things we discussed.

Multi purpose Community Centre - The Multi Purpose Community Centre (new hall and community rooms) is in the early stages of its life. The tendering process has begun and it is hoped some concept designs will be available in the next month. We can’t wait! On the official side the Ministry of Education has given approval for the project to go ahead BUT to be funded totally by the school and community.

Whilst the tendering process is underway Community Centre Fundraising Committee have met and are looking at other avenues of funding for the project. Realistically the Project is going to cost over $1 000 000! At this meeting approval was given by the Board to approach a number of local and National organisations for funding.

Aren't the Beanies cool! I mean aren’t they warm but cool….. They look fabulous and keep heads warm. Yeah! Great to see a good uptake on them and George was so excited! Just saying.

As part of our normal process the Uniform Policy was reviewed. It was discussed that a little more attention is required to uniform. The Board asked Mr Cunliffe to remind teachers to remind students that their uniforms should be clean, tidy and worn with PRIDE!

And don’t our student Ambassadors look great in their hoodies. Thanks to the group of Ambassadors who are making a movie to assist with our fundraising application to TECT. And remember you have to keep earning the hoody. You are our role model achievers, keep it up.

There were lots more items discussed but I am sure that they would not only bore you to death if we were to write about here but it would also take up a few more pages. Until next time..