Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Meeting

Welcome to the Board of Trustees Blog.  We will be using this space after each monthly meeting to keep you up to date on the latest Board news.

Congratulations to The Base for their winning Achiever poses. 

Pictures have been sent off to the Graphic Designer for initial sketching and these poses will eventually become embedded into all our learning here at TPPS.

Our BOT member Karen Heads has recently attended an Inclusive and Wellbeing seminar.  She is keen to see that Inclusive Education is constantly reviewed here at TPPS to provide the best learning environment for all our students.

We are very delighted that the school van arrived last month.  It is fantastic to see that it is in use nearly every day with trips already to weekly golf lessons, Cricket trips and staff Professional Development sessions. We would like to publicly thank the PTA for their help in purchasing the van.

George and his Health and Safety team took a walk around the school in week 8 to check that our learning spaces and playground are all safe and hazard free.  There are a few tweaks to be made to frayed ropes in the bottom playground and some gaps to fill in the new Base deck.  John Williams has added these jobs to his holiday list.

Te Puke Primary School are still looking for a Kapahaka tutor. There has been an advertisement in the TP Times this week.  The BOT are very passionate about having a tutor available to our interested students so please contact us through the school office if you know of someone who could fill this important role.

Say goodbye to Rooms 11 and 12.  These 2 classrooms are no longer needed and will be removed over the school holidays.

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