Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Kids WOW at April Meeting

Wow!  What an awesome meeting we had on Monday 5 May.  Little did we know what treat we had in store for us at our monthly meeting.  Two to three students from each of the three “Unstoppable” classes gave a very impressive presentation of their classroom enquiry. 
Each class needed to convince the Board to donate $2,000 towards their project.  Their project was to transform their classrooms into a “Modern Learning Environment”. 
They had put a mountain of work into drawing up expenditure charts (what they wanted to purchase, the quantity and price) and graphs (showing the students preferences to what furniture they wanted).

Gone are the days of rows or groups of “flip top” desks.  Classrooms are now to be  filled with coloured bean bags, ottomans, whiteboard tables. different shaped colourful tables and cushions.

I loved the fact that the students listened to each other and took everyone’s requests into consideration.  They will still keep a few desks for those students who prefer to work at desks.

When the Board asked the students why they thought the change to a modern learning environment would improve their learning, they gave a very convincing answer.  Their argument was that if they were comfortable in their own surroundings they are more likely to listen, concentrate, work harder and LEARN.

I got to thinking about that answer and I came up with this.... How many parents out there have bought their child a nice homework desk?   I did.  Did my child ever use it? No!  Lilly would get her homework done either lying on the floor or (one of her favourite positions) hanging upside down on the couch!

After these presentations the Board met to discuss the students’ request.  We all agreed that the students had worked incredibly hard to get to this point and we thought it was important for them to take the project to the very end and take ownership and raise some of the required funds themselves.  So the Board agreed to pay $3.00 for every $1.00 that the students raised themselves.

I am so proud to be a part of Te Puke Primary School and our amazing little ACHIEVER’s.

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