Monday, 11 August 2014

August Meeting

We had a busy meeting on Monday, here’s a few things we discussed.

Multi purpose Community Centre - The Multi Purpose Community Centre (new hall and community rooms) is in the early stages of its life. The tendering process has begun and it is hoped some concept designs will be available in the next month. We can’t wait! On the official side the Ministry of Education has given approval for the project to go ahead BUT to be funded totally by the school and community.

Whilst the tendering process is underway Community Centre Fundraising Committee have met and are looking at other avenues of funding for the project. Realistically the Project is going to cost over $1 000 000! At this meeting approval was given by the Board to approach a number of local and National organisations for funding.

Aren't the Beanies cool! I mean aren’t they warm but cool….. They look fabulous and keep heads warm. Yeah! Great to see a good uptake on them and George was so excited! Just saying.

As part of our normal process the Uniform Policy was reviewed. It was discussed that a little more attention is required to uniform. The Board asked Mr Cunliffe to remind teachers to remind students that their uniforms should be clean, tidy and worn with PRIDE!

And don’t our student Ambassadors look great in their hoodies. Thanks to the group of Ambassadors who are making a movie to assist with our fundraising application to TECT. And remember you have to keep earning the hoody. You are our role model achievers, keep it up.

There were lots more items discussed but I am sure that they would not only bore you to death if we were to write about here but it would also take up a few more pages. Until next time..

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