Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Melbourne Update to the Board of Trustees

In the last school holidays, the Board of Trustees sent 9 of our teaching staff to Melbourne on a trip to explore 3 schools.  The aim was to get a snapshot of the different teaching styles, learning environments, and how they implement these styles into their everyday teaching and learning.  The school sizes varied from 320 to 1020 students, and were in different socio-economic communities.  

It was enlightening to see the positives out of the trip, and the proposal of implementing some of the ideas seen or experienced within these schools into Te Puke Primary School.  I felt very excited to see the enthusiasm from all the staff when presenting their findings to the BOT, and the future changes that will be gradually seen throughout the school and in our community.

Some things we are looking at this term are:

- Schoolwide exercise, prior to start of school.  This will be taken by our wonderful BOT representative George Pepperell.  This is to enable students to feel energized, happy, and ready for an exciting day of learning.
- Music playing throughout the school prior to school starting.
- Discovery Time
- Plans for a school chicken coop

Thank you to the teaching staff who went to Melbourne for their presentation and feedback.  I am excited as both a parent and BOT representative, to be part of the positive future of our school and the wider Te Puke Community.
Loni Wills

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