Monday, 27 April 2015

7th April Meeting 2015

It has been a while since the last update so a few things to cover off!
Our staff and achievers have had a great first term, and are back invigorated for Term 2.

Health and Safety
Our Health and Safety committee has carried out their annual school checks, and have picked up a couple of issues to be fixed. The most important issue raised is that of our drop off bay, and school parking. Your school Board and staff are focussed on keeping all of our achievers safe, as well as parents and caregivers when they are onsite.
You will notice some changes in this area, and children will be trained in how to best use the drop off bay. Please follow the instructions from our ambassadors, as well as that of the signage in this area so we can keep everyone safe.

A continued focus on improving attendance has resulted in a great outcome with over 80 of our 300+ achievers being present all day of every day of Term 1. There is a direct relationship between attendance and achievement, so do what you can to keep your child coming to school! The BOT target is to finish the year with an overall attendance of 94%.

Roll Growth
Our fantastic school continues to grow with more achievers joining us as the year progresses. Our continued growth requires more classrooms, and management and the BOT continue to work toward this. Design and pricing of the new build of our roll growth classrooms are being finalised, and the Board is focussing on delivering a space designed as a collaborative learning space suitable for teaching and learning in 2014 and beyond.

Achievement of our students is the primary focus of the BOT. To this end we track the achievement of all of our classes via reporting by school teachers and management on pupils' assessment against national standards. This information is readily available for your child from the end of term student led conference. Measurement is vital to understand where our school is tracking in its delivery and success of the curriculum. All parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend these conferences as they are a great way to be kept up to date as to how your child's learning is progressing.

BOT - other stuff
The Board also is working behind the scenes to make sure that the governance of your school is current and directed in the right areas for the best outcome for our children. This involves a range of reviews of our school charter, review of policy documents such as; finance, planning etc. These policies are the guiding rules behind how the school operates.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your school BOT members.

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